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Is Mask Mouth Real?

Wearing a mask is necessary to protect you and others from COVID-19 so you shouldn’t stop wearing a mask because of oral health concerns. Instead, take proactive steps to protect your oral health. Professional dental cleanings are more important than ever. Schedule yours today!

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

In this post we’ll explain what wisdom teeth are and why they might need to be removed. If you need your wisdom teeth removed, you can count on Alder Trails Dental in Cypress, TX, to provide you with the best and gentlest care.

When to Consider a Tooth Extraction

At Alder Trails Dental we do all we can to help you avoid losing a tooth but if a tooth extraction becomes necessary, we are here to help. Read our blog to learn more about how to determine if you need a tooth extracted and also what you can do to protect your teeth.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

Read our blog post for tips on what you can do to make your smiler whiter and brighter. There are also things our team at Alder Trails Dental can do to help. Call us today and ask about our teeth whitening options!

What Makes Enamel Deteriorate?

You can keep your tooth enamel from deteriorating with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits and professional cleanings. Call today to schedule an appointment. We want to help you keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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