When Are Dental Bridges a Better Option than Implants?

dental bridges

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you may have heard of two popular options: dental bridges and dental implants. Both restorative treatments have their advantages, but depending on your specific circumstances, one may be more suitable than the other. In this blog, we’re sharing four situations when dental bridges may be a better option than implants.

    #1. When Immediate Restoration Is Desired

    One significant advantage of dental bridges is that they can be completed more quickly than implants. While implants require multiple stages and possibly sedation, including healing time for the titanium post to fuse with the jawbone, dental bridges can often be completed in just a few visits! By opting for a dental bridge, you’ll have immediate restoration of your smile.

    #2. When You Want to Avoid Surgery

    Opting for a dental bridge presents a non-invasive alternative for individuals seeking tooth replacement. Unlike dental implants, which involve surgically placing a post into the jawbone, dental bridges rely on the support of adjacent natural teeth. This non-surgical approach can be particularly appealing to those who prefer to avoid more invasive procedures. They offer a practical solution for restoring missing teeth while maintaining the integrity of neighboring teeth. Sometimes, a dental bridge is cheaper than an implant as well.

    #3. When You Have Bone Health Concerns

    A certain level of bone health and bone mass is necessary for the success of dental implants. In cases where the bone density is insufficient, bone grafting procedures might be required before getting implants. Dental bridges do not rely on the underlying bone as they are anchored to adjacent teeth, making them a better alternative for individuals with bone health concerns.

    #4. When You Have Budget Considerations

    Choosing a dental bridge over implants can often be a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking tooth replacement. Dental bridges typically have a lower upfront cost compared to the more complex and multi-stage process of dental implants, which involve surgery and the placement of a titanium post in the jawbone. This cost difference can make dental bridges a more accessible option for individuals with budget considerations.

Discover If A Dental Bridge Is Right For You!

Though one restorative treatment may catch your interest more than another, the choice between dental bridges and implants will ultimately depend on the condition of your teeth, bone health, budget, and overall health.

At Alder Trails Dental, Dr. Tran and our team can help determine the most suitable option for your situation. If you’re looking to replace a missing tooth or expect tooth loss by extraction, now is the time to discover if a dental bridge is right for you. Contact us today!


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