What to Do for a Dental Emergency

Middle-aged man wearing a gray shirt cringes in pain due to a toothache dental emergency

The first step to handling any emergency is being prepared. A dental emergency is no different. They can happen at any time and without warning. It’s important if you happen to have an urgent dental issue that you not panic. Check out this simple guide for tips on handling a knocked-out adult tooth, loose tooth, severe toothache, chipped tooth, and lost crown or filling.

  1. Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth
  2. Most often, we see cases of a blow to the mouth that causes a tooth to be removed entirely. This happens a lot with accidents, falls, or contact sports. For this reason, always be aware of your surroundings and wear a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard during physical activity that can involve contact with equipment, the ground, or other participants. If you do lose a tooth, handle it gently by its crown (the chewing surface) and rinse it with milk or water. If you can’t replace it in its socket, keep it moist between your cheek and gums or in a container of milk. Then seek emergency treatment ASAP! We may be able to reimplant your tooth if it’s within an hour of the loss. But best chances of survival are within 15-30 minutes after injury.

  3. Loose Permanent Tooth
  4. Call us right away if you notice your teeth are loosening. Teeth can become loose because of injury or bone loss from gum disease or infection. While waiting to see us, eat only soft foods and drink plenty of water. Do not attempt to pull or remove the tooth. Use caution when brushing around the area.

  5. Severe Toothache
  6. Severe tooth pain could signify advanced decay that requires root canal therapy, or an infection. A dental infection or gum abscess could be accompanied by severe pain, swelling, and fever. Reach out to our team immediately for treatment! If you begin to have difficulty breathing, head to the nearest urgent care or emergency room.

  7. Chipped Tooth
  8. This can happen due to injury during sports or while eating hard foods. Use caution when eating popcorn, ice, and hard candy. Never use your teeth to open packages or chew on non-food items. If your tooth becomes chipped and doesn’t hurt, it’s likely only a cosmetic issue. Although we still want to see you soon in case there is a small crack or fissure that could put your inner tooth at risk. And if the chip causes pain, it’s definitely an urgent matter and we want to see you as soon as possible.

  9. Lost Crown or Filling
  10. If a crown or filling comes off, call us! You can protect the area from sensitivity with temporary dental cement. In the meantime, use caution while eating and avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth.

Emergency Dental Care in Cypress, TX

We are always ready to handle your dental emergency. That’s why we leave extra time on our schedule to accommodate you in your time of need. Call us at 281-721-9575 for same-day emergency dental care!


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