Custom Mouthguards in Cypress, TX

Dental injuries are commonly a result of sports injuries. At Alder Trails Dental, we highly encourage patients who participate in contact sports or recreational activities to protect their smile with a custom mouthguard. Custom mouthguards help you maximize your performance while offering protection against injury. Contact our office to schedule your appointment with our team today!

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Are custom mouthguards better than over-the-counter?

Mouthguards are dental devices used to protect your smile from teeth grinding or dental trauma during sports. While there are over-the-counter mouthguards that you can purchase for protection, our office creates custom oral appliances specifically to fit you. A custom mouthguard not only offers more safety but also offers more comfort and longevity. At Alder Trails Dental, we work closely with you to create a quality, comfortable mouthguard.

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Why are athletic mouthguards important?

Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard, like a custom one from our office, can reduce your risk of injury to your teeth and jaw and even aid in preventing tooth loss. Dental trauma or injury is commonly a result of contact sports or recreational activities. While not every athletic activity may not result in a blow to the face or collision, athletic mouthguards may be mandatory in a sport and may help prevent the need for an emergency dental visit.

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How do nightguards help your teeth?

Similar to athletic mouthguards, a nightguard is an oral appliance used as a preventive dentistry measure. A nightguard can protect your teeth and help reduce or eliminate the pain associated with teeth grinding. Our office creates nightguards for bruxism the same way we create custom mouthguards, with your comfort and protection in mind! The more you use a nightguard, the more you may notice reduced tension or pain in the jaw, reduced dental trauma, and fewer headaches.


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