What Are My Options if I Can’t Afford Dental Care?

Photo of an oversized tooth next to a stack of coins.

Alder Trails Dental is committed to providing patients in Cypress with the high-quality dental care they deserve. To make this possible, we provide a range of flexible financing options designed to cater to the financial needs of different patients. If you have any additional financial questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to our team directly.


CareCredit offers payment plans that vary in length to help patients receive the services they need at the time they need them. These plans offer little to no interest when plans are less than two years in length and payments are made on time. CareCredit plans can also be used to cover any treatments, including cosmetic services like teeth whitening and orthodontics. Credit decisions are typically made very quickly, so you can apply and get approved today!


Medicaid offers dental coverage for children. If you believe your child may qualify for Medicaid, we recommend applying. This program covers the cost of routine cleanings and dental exams for kids. Select restorative services that are necessary for the patient to maintain positive oral health may also be covered. If you have any questions about using Medicaid to supplement the cost of your family’s dental care, our office would be glad to assist.

In-House Discount Plan

Our office offers an in-house discount plan. For $149 a year, patients receive the routine preventive services they need. Discounts are offered on additional dental services. Unlike dental insurance, our plan does not come with any maximums, deductibles, waiting periods, or pre-existing condition limitations that you have to worry about. To learn more about this financing option or enroll, please contact us!

Senior & Military Discounts

At Alder Trails Dental, we support members of the military, and we are proud to offer discounted services to these families. We also find it important to offer senior discounts, as seniors are more likely to be on fixed incomes. If you believe either of these discounts may apply to you, please let our team know. We will be happy to apply these reduced rates to your dental services.

Flexible Financing at Alder Trails Dental

Our Cypress, TX team is pleased to offer a wide variety of ways for our patients to obtain affordable dental care. Alder Trails Dental is also an insurance-friendly office. If you have any questions about paying for your dental treatments, please talk to our knowledgeable team.


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