What Role Do Genetics Play in Your Oral Health?

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From the color of your eyes to the way you laugh, genetics have a big influence on who you are as an individual. But what about genetics and your oral health? It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that genetics also influence the way teeth develop and can contribute to some oral health issues.

Role of Genetics in Oral Health

Overcrowded or crooked teeth are often passed down from generation to generation. Factors that cause some people to be more susceptible to cavities and gum disease are also inherited. So is the size and shape of your mouth and jaw. Even though some inherited characteristics can make it harder to maintain good oral health, lifestyle choices make a bigger difference than genetics. Good oral hygiene habits, regular dental visits and preventive treatments can help you enjoy better oral health than your ancestors had. Dental care has also improved tremendously over the years which makes it easier to overcome any potential problems that your genetics may have gifted you!

Factors to Consider

Below are some common links between genetics and oral health.

    Tooth Enamel

    Genes play a big role in developing the structure of tooth enamel. If you have weak enamel, it is likely due to your genes. Weak enamel can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay since soft enamel is more susceptible to bacteria.

    Diet Preference

    Do you crave sweet or sugary foods? This could be due to genetics or family culture. The more you reach for sweet or sugary snacks, the more likely you will be to develop tooth decay. Instead, try to opt for crisp fruits or vegetables.

    Gum Disease or Oral Cancer

    While lifestyle choices like tobacco use or poor oral habits are top risk factors for developing gum disease or oral cancer, genetics can also play a role. If these unfortunate diseases run in your family, make sure to mention it to our team to learn more about oral care tips.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Cypress, TX

While genetics can play a role in your oral health, being proactive and educated can help you overcome or prevent oral health issues. We offer a wide range of services to help you protect and/or improve upon the teeth that you inherited. Schedule an appointment with our team at Alder Trails Dental to learn about caring for your teeth and to get the services you may need.


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