What Are Dental Bridges & How Do They Work?

Model showing a three tooth dental bridge

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are a dental restoration that consists of three or more dental crowns that are attached together and designed to fit over teeth. Bridges are typically used as a cost-effective and minimally invasive option for replacing one or more missing teeth. While dental implants require dental surgery and weeks of recovery time, bridges can typically be created and placed in about two weeks.

Once it has been determined that a patient will be utilizing a bridge to replace a missing tooth, the abutment teeth, or the surrounding teeth that will be covered by the bridge, will need to have some enamel removed for the bridge to fit comfortably. Impressions of the teeth will need to be taken afterward so that the bridge can be designed to blend in with the rest of the patients’ smile in terms of tooth size, shape, and color. Then, a temporary bridge will need to be placed to protect the teeth until the patients’ follow-up appointment.

Once the restoration has been designed, the bridge is created in a lab and sent to our office. At your follow-up appointment, the temporary bridge will be removed, the permanent bridge will be placed and secured, and any necessary adjustments will be made.

Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are an excellent restorative option for a few reasons. Not only do they restore a patients’ smile and their ability to eat and speak with ease, but dental bridges help prevent nearby teeth from shifting and filling in the gaps where teeth are missing, which can cause a variety of problems. Dental bridges also evenly distribute the force of the bite, so certain teeth won’t be receiving extra pressure every time you chew something.

The recovery time after a dental bridge is placed is very minimal. Patients should eat soft foods and chew with the other side of their mouths for a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication can be taken to ease discomfort if necessary. Once the bridge has had time to settle and completely adhere to the abutment teeth, you are free to enjoy your normal daily activities and eat your favorite foods once again.

Tooth Restoration in Cypress, TX

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