Can Dental Issues Cause Headaches?

Drawing of a women with a headache.
Image by Luisa Munoz from Pixabay

If you’re suffering with regular headaches, you may be wondering if you’re not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, or dealing with too much stress. While all of these things can certainly cause headaches, there’s something else you should consider: dental problems. There are a variety of different dental issues that can cause headaches.


One dental condition that can lead to headaches is called bruxism. This is when someone grinds and clenches their teeth while they’re sleeping. Our teeth are powerful so there’s a lot of pressure pushing against your mouth when you’re not even aware of it! That tension in the head and neck can easily manifest as a headache, especially in the morning when you wake up.

How We Can Help

One way to avoid this is to get a custom mouthguard made to wear when you’re sleeping. Not only does this mouthguard protect your teeth from damaging each other, but it can also reduce the tension and pain so you don’t have to deal with frequent headaches.

Teeth Misalignment

Many people straighten their teeth because they want to improve the appearance of their smile, but it’s not just about cosmetics. There’s a functional aspect to think about too. When your bite isn’t properly aligned, it can distribute pressure in the wrong places and cause you headaches.

How We Can Help

To remedy this, there are different orthodontic treatment options including clear aligners and Six Month Smiles. Dr. Tran can recommend what kind of orthodontic procedure is right for you depending on how your teeth are misaligned.

Improving Your Health in Cypress, TX

If you suspect that dental problems are causing your headaches, then we invite you to schedule a consultation with Alder Trails Dental. We’ll help you figure out what’s going on and let you know what we can do to fix the situation. Our team is by your side and determined to help you get to a pain-free smile!


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